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Make your life an “Adventure in Health” not in sickness and disease! Join Dr. David Kolbaba, Board Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist as he explores varied health related topics aimed at inspiring, educating and motivating his listeners. Call-in: (847) 428-8850

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Recent Episodes

Protocols . . . Shmotocols
We follow many protocols in our society that are well intentioned…but are they really necessary? Dr. David Kolbaba discusses our personal protocols, some we aren’t even aware of. Eating for every emotion…boredom, sleeplessness, depression, bad habits and more are covered.
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Body By Design…Break From the Herd
Make the changes necessary to gain a higher level of health so disease doesn’t catch you! Join Dr. David Kolbaba for continuing discussions on why we eat when we shouldn’t, age-related and disease associations.  The “Almost HealthQuest Marching Band” show up to share their musical talents….this time, “they’ve got their hate on!”
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Body by Design
It’s time to “vote yourself off the island” . . . the island of poor health, that is! As human beings, we are either creating healthiness or we’re creating disease. Which direction are you going? Join Dr. David Kolbaba as he explains the ways poor health can bring out genetic weaknesses which can lead to [...]
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