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Make your life an “Adventure in Health” not in sickness and disease! Join Dr. David Kolbaba, Board Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist as he explores varied health related topics aimed at inspiring, educating and motivating his listeners. Call-in: (847) 428-8850

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Recent Episodes

First Things First…Easier Said Than Done
Maybe you don’t need a flu shot…maybe you don’t need a shingles shot….after all. Dr. David Kolbaba discusses the best defense from sickness and disease infections and how to get yourself healthy!
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Making a Case for Procrastination
Dr. David C. Kolbaba educates his listeners about viruses . . . what are they and can we actually kill them? Facts about viruses are discussed as well as their effect on our health. Should you get the flu shot? Tune in for more about our winter survival kit and how it can build your [...]
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What Once Was . . . Is Not Now
You have questions, I have questions. Should I get the flu shot? Why do my feet hurt when I jump out of bed in the morning? Why can’t I seem to lose weight, even when I’m following the diet? Why are people more likely to do something regarding their health, only after a symptom appears? [...]
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