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Make your life an “Adventure in Health” not in sickness and disease! Join Dr. David Kolbaba, Board Certified Natural Healthcare Practitioner and Clinical Nutritionist as he explores varied health related topics aimed at inspiring, educating and motivating his listeners. Call-in: (847) 428-8850

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Recent Episodes

Missing Out…Can Get you Healthier and Living Longer
Dr. David Kolbaba discusses distractions, commitments and the fear of missing out (FOMO). How often do you check your cell phone? Facebook? A new study has determined our cognitive capacity is drastically diminished when our smartphones are within reach. Better decisions are made in every aspect of our lives when we become healthier.
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Want vs. Need…Important vs. the Urgent
Committed to our wants or committed to our needs, or just over-committed?  Dr. David Kolbaba discusses these challenges that are becoming more prevalent in our society and how cell phone/social media usage is affecting our brains and daily living. Commit to living a higher level of health, one step at a time!
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Higher Health…NOT Out of Your League
Higher health…more than just a dream! Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the fullness of your life?  What might be some of the drawbacks?  Dr. David Kolbaba discusses lessons that we can learn thru personal tragedies. Interesting distinctions between hormone balance and sex are other topics highlighted.
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