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With Host, Ken Sevara

If you've ever wanted to eavesdrop on business leaders and hear them share their secrets they've used to build their company and make their products and services special, then listen to AM 560 the Answer's newest program, "Part of the Answer" with Ken Sevara.  
Take a step inside the minds of some of Chicagoland's most successful business people and learn all there is to know.  
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Featured Guests 06/04/2017
Featured Guests 05/07/2017
Featured Guests 04/16/2017
Featured Guests 04/09/2017
Featured Guests 04/02/2017 Kelly Financial
Featured Guests 03/19/2017 Comprehensive Accounting Solutions Mary Karpowicz
Featured Guests 02/26/2017 Wright Real Estate
Featured Guests 01/29/2017 Tenco Events
Featured Guests 01/22/2017 North Shore Capital
Featured Guests 12/04/2016 Dr. Economos
Featured Guests 11/20/2016 Jamie Pritscher
Featured Guests 11/13/2016 Cathy Morelli
Featured Guests 11/06/2016 Tom Miroballi
Featured Guests 10/09/2016 National Title Solutions
Featured Guests 09/18/2016 Bob Conway
Ken speaks with Bob Con way to discuss his passion for technology and his rise to his current position. 
Featured Guests 08/28/2016 Steve Beaman
Ken speaks with Steve Beaman to discuss his beginnings in business and his passion for philanthropy. 
Featured Guests 08/21/2016 Dr. Aimee from Dr. Aimee & Associates 
Ken speaks with Dr. Aimee to discuss her company and how she provides a variety of excellent solutions to keep individuals healthy with integrated medicine. 
Featured Guests 08/14/2016 Tom Miroballi Sales INC
Ken speaks Tom Miroballi from Tom Miroballi Sales INC to discuss his company that deals with health insurance and health savings accounts. 
Featured Guests 08/06/2016 Clear Insight Benefits INC
Ken speaks with Jim Lorenz from Clear Insight Benefits Consulting and they discuss the history of his company and how it can help your business. 

Featured Guests 07/31/2016 All Seasons Pools and Spas
Ken speaks with Doug Mayhall about All Seasons Pools, Spas and Outdoor Living.  They go over the history of the company and the variety of products that make your backyard a paradise.
Featured Guests 07/24/2016 Beneficial Solutions 
Ken speaks with Greg Eck from Beneficial Solutions to discuss how their company can provide valuable services for employees. 
Featured Guests 06/26/2016
Ken speaks with Ed Lukasik Jr. about his sucess in real estate and what to expect in the future.
Featured Guests 06/05/2016 Black Rhino Concealment
Ken speaks with Rob Nowe from Black Rhino Concealment to learn more about their gun holsters and company history.
Featured Guests 05/29/2016 Ameritrust Mortgage

Ken discusses Ameritrust Mortgage with President & CEO Barbara Walters, Bill SIlverthorne and Dave Hoyer. 

Featured Guests 05/22/2016 Arcada Theater

Ken discusses the gorgeous Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois and their upcoming show. 

Featured Guests 05/15/2016 Barry Sterner from Townstone Financial

Ken speaks with Barry Sterner, President of Townstone Financial about the current housing market and what to expect in the near future. 

Featured Guests 05/08/2016 Bill Crunch, owner of "The Sock"

Ken speaks with Bill Crunch, owner of "The Sock" & discusses his restaurant's inception and how they continue to strive by providing and exceptional experience for their customers.

Featured Guests 05/01/2016 Jennifer Piscitello & Jaquelyn Love from Autumn Leaves


Ken speaks with Jennifer Piscitello & Jaquelyn Love to discuss the family owned and operated assisted living community dedicated to the wellbeing of those living with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. 

Featured Guests 04/17/2016 Al Marasco from Sound Design Inc

Ken speaks with Al Marasco to discuss his company Sound Design and his passion for home audio

Featured Guests 04/10/2016 Michael O'Rourke President & CEO of Signature Bank

Ken speaks with Michael O'Rourke, President & CEO of Signature Bank along with two of his clients, Matt Callopy and Joe Shanahan

Featured Guests 3/27/2016 Scott Cook from BoBL Card

Ken speaks with Scott Cook, President of BoBL Card to discuss the unique benefits and ease-of-use with this brand new business card digital organizer.

Featured Guests 3/06/2016 Mark Heatwole & Irwin Ramos of Theramind Medical Services

Ken speaks with Mark Heatwole President & CEO and Irwin Ramos Chief Medical officer of TheraMind Services Inc to discuss their clinic that can treat numerous forms of depression.

Featured Guests 2/28/2016 Linda Weiler & Sandy Ferrigno of Alliance Home Service

Ken speaks with Linda Weiler & Sandy Ferrigno from Alliance Home Service to discuss the quality healthcare and services provided by Alliance Home Services. 

Featured Guests 2/07/2016 David Kolssak & Lauren Gabler from Turnkey IT

Ken speaks with David Kolssak and Lauren Gabler to discuss the creation and business acumen of Turnkey IT

Featured Guests 11/08/2015 Ed Bryant from The Gun Safety Guy 

Ken speaks with Ed Bryant from The Gun Safety Guy to discuss his  knowledge on teaching shooting and firearms safety for over forty years.  

Featured Guests 11/01/2015 Ray Munoz,Penny McDowlel from Merlin 200,000 Mile Shops & Nancy Ronquillo Children's Home & Aid 

Ken speaks with Ray & Penny from Merlin's 200,000 Mile Shop along with President & CEO Nancy Ronquillo from Children's Home & Aid.  Both companies have teamed up to  bring awareness to children in need.  Listen below to hear about Merlin's buisness and their participation with Children's Home & Aid to help those in need. 

Featured Guests 10/04/2015 Ed Lukasik Jr from Midwest Performance Cars

Ken speaks with Ed Lukasik Jr from Remax Professionals to disucss his career as a real estate broker and how he works to get his customers exactly what they want in a home.  

Featured Guests 08/16/2015 Ed Lukasik Jr from Remax Professionals

Ken speaks with Ed Lukasik Jr from Remax Professionals to disucss his career as a real estate broker and how he works to get his customers exactly what they want in a home.  




Featured Guests 08/02/2015 Raj Shah from Secure Retirement Radio

Ken speaks with Raj Shah from Secure Retirement Radio to discuss his popular radio show along with his passion for helping individuals protect their retirement plans.  


Featured Guests 07/25/2015 Dr. John Economos from Best Dental Group

Ken speaks with Dr. James Economos from Best Dental Group, who has been helping patients create artistic, beautiful and aesthetic smiles since 1980.  


Featured Guests 07/19/2015 Mike and Randy Donley from Donley's Wild West Town

Ken speaks with Mike & Randy Donley from Donley's Wild West Town and they discuss their wild west theme park along with their new involvement in antique auctioning. 


Featured Guests 07/12/2015 Dr. Kamy Noruzi from Fox River Periodontics

Ken speaks with Dr. Kamy Noruzi from Fox River Periodontics on how his business came to be and how Dr. Noruzi can bring back the smile you've always wanted.

Featured Guests 6/28/2015 Tim Conn and Scott Kochanski from Image One Facility Solutions

Ken speaks with Tim Conn & Scott Kochanski about the inception of Image One Facility Solutions and how you can operate your own franchise to provide the best janitorial services to any client. 


Featured Guests 6/07/2015 David Ratowitz from Ratowitz Law Group 

Ken speaks with David Ratowitz from Ratowitz Law Group to discuss his humble beginnings from a construction worker, to owning his own law firm. 


Featured Guests 5/31/2015 Bill Wykle One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning 

Ken speaks with Bill Wykle from One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating.  They discuss the inception of the company and the variety of services they offer their customers to keep their home's climate perfect.


Featured Guests 5/17/2015 Carl Kettler and Jeff Emrich Brightstar Care

Ken speaks with Carl Kettler and Jeff Emrich about their involvement in home care and they discuss how BrightStar Care can offer exceptional services for family members in need.



Featured Guests 5/10/2015 Cynthia Glashagel, Lisa MacGillivray and Tom Treichler of Chicago Communications LLC

Ken speaks with members of Chicago Communications LLC to discuss the inception of the company and how they can offer your business innovative wireless communication solutions.


Featured Guests 5/03/2015 Kelly Mickley and David Rampage from Executive Green Carpet Cleaning

Ken speaks with Kelly Mickley and David Rampage .  They discuss the rise of their company and how they continue to offer exceptional carpet cleaning services to each and every one of their customers. 


Featured Guest 4/19/2015 Dr. Ken Candido from Chicago Anesthesia Pain Specialists

Ken speaks with Dr. Ken Candido from the Chicago Anesthesia Pain Specialists.  They discuss the various medical therapies that are catered to individual patents, assuring their comfort and care.  


Featured Guest 4/05/2015 Chick Baruffi from GTR Sporting Club

Ken speaks with Chick Baruffi, founder of GTR Sporting CLub in Waukegan, IL.  GTR Sporting Club is the largest, most sophisticated shooting range and training facility along Chicago's North Shore.  It's not just a shooting range, it's a shooting destination!



Featured Guest 3/29/2015 Joseph Kocan from New Eve Technologies Inc

Ken speaks with Joseph Kocan from New Eve Technologies Inc to dicuss how his business was founded to eliminate some of the issues small businesses face with Traditional IT companies and make it easier to operate.


Featured Guest 3/22/2015 Keith Knutter from Ayn Rand Institute

Ken speaks with Keith Knutter from Ayn Rand Institute to discover how he was first introduced to the life and stories of Ayn Rand and how he is involved in the institute.


Featured Guest 3/15/2015 John Burg & George Brancato from Acieta Industrial Automation

Ken speaks with John Burg & Geroge Brancato from Acieta Industrial Automation.  They discuss the growing trend of robotics in manufacturing and also dispell some myths regarding how the implementation of robotics will actually increase production as well as the necessity for jobs.


Featured Guest 3/08/2015 

Ken speaks with David Kolbaba from "Healthquest Radio".  They discuss the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle as well as the importance of natural healing remedies.


Featured Guest 3/01/2015 Jason O'Higgins & Jackie Love from Autumn Leaves

Ken speaks with Jason O'Higgins and Jackie Love from Autumn Leaves to discuss how Autumn Leaves offers your loved ones a safe, caring environment specifically designed to deliver optimum memory care. .


Featured Guest 2/22/2015 Karla Mina & Nick Memeti from "Market Overdrive"

Ken speaks with Real Estate Agents Karla Mina and Nick Memeti, hosts of AM 560's "Market Overdrive" to discuss the wealth of opportunity in the current real estate market.  They offer a wealth of knowledge in the real estate field along with expert advice on mortgage lending.


Featured Guest 2/15/2015 David Hochberg from Townstone Financial

Ken speaks with returning guest, David Hochberg about his company Townstone Financial.  They discuss David's history and how he continues to help those in need of a mortgage loan.

Featured Guest 2/8/2015 Greater Chicago Coin & Currency Collectables
Are you a coin collector?  Have you always wanted to know how much your collection can go for?  Ken speaks with the president of Greater Chicago Coin & Currency Show. 
Featured Guest 2/1/2015 Aladdin Doors
Ken speaks with owners of Aladdin Doors and they discuss the origin of the company and how there are beneficial franchise opportunities for those who want to become their own boss.
Featured Guest 1/11/2015 Tony Scimeca from Hot Water 911
Ken speaks with Tony Scimeca from Hot Water 911 and host of Going Home with Tony on AM 560.  They discuss the origins of his business and his passion of helping people. 
Featured Guest 12/28/2014 The Sales Team of AM 560 The Answer
Ken speaks with our very own Sales Team at AM 560 The Answer to discuss how they entered into the radio business and their favorite aspects of the job. 
Featured Guest 12/21/2014 Monica 4 Insurance
Ken speaks with Monica Kendall from Monica 4 Insurance.  They discuss how Monica can help those who need insurance, find the right insurance to meet their daily needs. 

Featured Guest 12/07/2014 Saul Z from the Z Team
Ken speaks with Saul Z from the Z Team, a chicagoland real estate agency.  Their goal is to be helpful by offering you professional services to sell your home.  Saul is so confidant in his selling practices that if you work with him, and your home doesn't sell, he'll buy it from you!
Featured Guests 11/30/2014 Bruce Leon from Tandem HR, Alliance WPS & Benefits Solutions Group
Ken speaks with Bruce about handling all three companies, all of which offer consumers the information they need to run their businesses efficiently and professionaly. 
Featured Guests 11/23/2014 C. Steven Tucker from Health Insurance Mentors
Ken speaks with C. Steven Tucker about his company, Health Insurance Mentors that offer a variety of health insurance options for those who need coverage.